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26 March 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Waiting

It's early Saturday afternoon. I went to the health club already. I managed to get two muscle groups in: shoulders and triceps. I'm so happy about getting back in shape finally. It's the perfect time of year to do it.

Actually I have a paranoia about becoming too skinny again, as I was skin and bones until about 3 years ago when suddenly I put on a load of weight at a health club in Ulsan. Smartest thing I ever did was join a gym and drink protein shakes. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to when I was in college and force my ass to hit the weights. I probably would have felt much better about myself. Maybe dated some Playboy models.

So, I was relieved when I weighed in recently at exactly 80 Kgs, about 175 pounds, which is a pretty good weight for my height, 180 cms, or 6 feet. My goal is to tone up that weight for the summer. I bought more protein mix too and am trying to cut out fatty foods, something that is pretty easy here since I mostly eat Korean food.

While I was at the health club, Julie went to the hair shop. She's been getting free treatments for the past week after they blotched up her perm and left her with dead, dry hair (she cried about this for 2 hours and didn't talk to me for a day because it was all my fault. I'm still not exactly sure why it was my fault, but eventually I accepted the blame and now we're happy again).

At this moment, we're waiting around for James to finish soccer and John to finish shopping with his Chinese female friend from Hawaii. The lot of us are going to meet up for a nice Korean dinner, probably kalbi, in Hongdae, then possibly go dancing later - but maybe not. James is on call for work and can't drink and John's friend is flying out tomorrow. Still, should have a good time. James will likely have his camera along, so you can check out his site for an update after the weekend.

In the meantime, if you haven't already - be sure to check out this month's Seoul Magazine:

That's me on the left, in case you're wondering. We we're supposed to make it look like a warm spring day, but I think we failed. James' hat is kind of a giveaway. I should have worn one too. It was blustery cold and very windy. We were freezing without our jackets on, and we were outside for several hours. By the way, that's my new computer there. They asked us to bring our laptops as a prop.


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