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15 March 2005
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KLB - I Spoke too Soon

Had a blowout with Cathy at work yesterday. I don't have time to write about it now. I just got the computer up and running and updated, etc. Yesterday it wouldn't boot up right and this computer doesn't boot into safemode the usual way. So I brought it over to the shop where I bought the computer to ask how you do it - bad mistake. They said "no problem" and told me they would fix it and to come back in a little while. Great, I thought, Unfortunately what they really meant was, "No problem, we'll reinstall Windows for you." Everything was gone. Oh well. I didn't have much on it really. Everything is on the Xbox or on DVD disks. So the computer is pretty much back to where I had it before. They did a bunch of tests too, I guess, and said everything is fine with the disk. At least that's something.

So stay tuned until later to hear about what happened at work. At least then you'll get the story and the follow up as well.


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