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19 March 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Everyone Should Have a Blog

I tell you, every time I vent about my job on my site, I get off the internet and I feel so much better. The blog is like having a therapist. Believe me, when you live in Korea you wish you had a therapist sometimes. That's why so many people go out and vent together. It's not that they hate it here - though some do and they should just go home - but they need a means to get it off their chests and out of their systems.

It's a conflicting existence in this country. So much to appreciate and enjoy - so much to curse and complain about. I just prefer to do my complaining online and relax and have a good time afterward - but that's just me. That's pretty much my personality though. I'll fly off the handle over something then when I'm threw, I get over it - usually 15 minutes later. Women, on the other hand - and I won't mention any names - whoa, can they ever hold a grudge!

Of course, I forsee more difficulties and frustration at my job and I don't think I'll be able to make it through until August - but who knows. The problem is that almost every teaching job here is a pain in the ass in one way or another so there's no great alternative. I guess if I'm going to be miserable, however, I may as well do it "full time" and get a salary and housing money along with it. And I'd never have to see Cathy again in my life. That will be almost as great a day as when the job in Nowhere-dong ended and I said goodbye to Windy. Like Windy, Cathy is not a bad person and I'd probably like her if I didn't have to work with her, just as I liked Windy outside of teaching her at the hagwon.

I'm seriously considering putting in my notice and taking a brief trip overseas, say for a week. I want to visit my friend who lives in Beijing anyway. I'm not sure Julie will be able to handle not seeing me use the computer and playing video games for that long though. Maybe I'll leave a cardboard cutout of myself wearing sweatpants and holding an Xbox controller. She'll never know I'm gone!

Well, it's Saturday morning. I guess I should do my best to get out there and enjoy the weekend. Looks bright and sunny. Spring is coming. I'm going to take Julie to lunch - maybe some don cass - and check out some cameras or something. Have a great weekend!


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