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25 February 2005
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KLB - Xbox Heaven

I just found out (I'm a bit slow) that the Xbox can be used as a media center. All you have to do (besides getting a mod chip) is connect it to the computer and transfer over the XBMC application made by a bunch of aspiring geeks. Now in addition to being a DVD player, the Xbox can also display photos, play mp3s, Divx, Xvid and AVI movies - and whatever other format you want right of its harddrive. All you do is transfer over the media files from your computer using an FTP program and there you have it. I wondered why they tried to sell me a 160 GB harddrive for it when I bought it in Yongsan. I had no idea what purpose there was for such a huge amount of space. Now I see. And since it's only about $130 for the drive, that's really a storage steal of a deal. What a machine!


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