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2 February 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Wednesday Morning

Just a quick note: everything is fine at work. I had a heart to heart with Cathy finally and she really doesn't want me to quit. She knows we have a language barrier and that she is sometimes too strict. She has been laying off since then and letting me do what I want.

I went and picked up our new Xbox last night in Yongsan. I bought one with a mod chip, two controllers, surround sound cable and no games. I had burned 5 copied games myself, but for some reason only 2 worked. I think the problem is the cheap disks or the burn speed. I'm going to try again. Fortunately, one of the ones that works is Mercenaries, the game about a war started on the Korean penisula by North Korea. Can't wait to start playing. Julie was just excited the machine's mod chip comes with an SNES emulator so she can play Mario Brothers.


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