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24 February 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Ryu Hayabusa

Listening to: Keane - Everybody's Changing, and Muse - Time is Running Out.

I am no longer Shawn. I have become Ryu Hyubusa, Master (Ninja Gaiden) of the Dragon Sword. Simply put: In order to become the Xbox, you must be the Xbox.

In other news, after some negotiation, I will be staying at my job. Nobody will bother any more and I'm basically free to do as I please. Cathy has been ordered to calm down and relax.

Standing up for myself paid off. Besides, I like taking the train so long everyday - I'm up to lesson 25 of Pimsleur's Japanese 3.

Nothing else new - still exercising and drinking protein shakes. Getting in shape for the summer. Everything is really good actually.


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