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29 January 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Still Alive

Sorry for a lack of updates lately. I crashed the new computer pretty badly after doing something stupid (installing drivers from a disk that was only needed for Windows 98). Then I just compounded the problem by forgetting how to boot in "safe mode" (pressing F8 during start-up) and deciding to reinstall Windows. Somehow, when I reinstalled Windows, the other copy of Windows was still there. Basically everything was screwed up, but I managed to get to the old files and back them up before doing another install. Now everything is back to normal, but it took a few days to get it that way.

In other computer related news, I bought an external DVD-RW drive in Yongsan. Actually it's an internal DVD-RW drive inside an external case. It's pretty nice. I've already burned a bunch of DVDs and Xbox games from bit torrent files. Man this is a great service: Torrent Spy. If you don't know what to do, you can start by installing this cool and easy to use client: Azureus. Of course, if you enjoy the DVDs and games you should buy them immediately. Being in Korea, it's nice to be able to download whole seasons TV shows like CSI from back home and watch them on the DVD player for free.

We don't actually have an Xbox yet, but we will be buying one in the near future. I'm still contemplating whether or not we should get one, because I know how much time will be wasted. However, I waste time on the computer every day anyway, so what's the difference. I'm dying to play Rocky Legends, the coolest boxing game ever and a few others like Tiger Woods 2005, Star Wars KOTOR2, just to name a couple of the ones I've burned. I hope they work. If not, I understand that in Yongsan, when you buy the Xbox and mod-chip, you can pay 3,000 won for each copied games they install on your machine.

I finished 3 of 4 weeks of the long schedule at work. It started getting stressful this week. Not because of the teaching, but because of you-know-who being so serious and trying to control everything as usual. Oh, well. Only one more week, and then we have a week off for vacation - Chinese New Year. Julie does too. We're going to stay in a rented house called a "pension" in the countryside and relax. No computer, no internet, no TV, no noise, no nothing for a change. Fresh air and barbecue. I will try to get a camera by then, but I'm not sure. Shopping for a camera is pain in the ass here and irksome when you know the same cameras are so much cheaper in the states. Ideally I'd like a camera that I can use to take photos and make short documentaties with - but I may just settle for a decent, small size digital and save for a video cam down the road.

After the vacation, I'll go back to 3 hours/day until March 10 when I have the option to quit. I may or may not quit depending on whether I can get a new assistant - one that makes copies and teaching materials, not roams around the room frowning and and monitoring every action. I'll be really sad to leave the kids. They are a great group.

Well, we're off the the cell phone store. I haven't been able to use my phone in over a week because I used up the credit and haven't had a chance to add more.


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