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16 January 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Smurfs on the Subway

La la lala la la, la lala la la. The smurfs are riding the train. Don't ask anyone me why. According to the short article, nobody has any idea.

[Update]: According to this page, the Smurfs are riding the subways in an effort to get people to read books during their commute. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen and a great idea. So many people sit on the train for an hour to work and stare into space.

It really is a great chance to read. I used to read the newspaper, but that wasn't very productful, so now I study Japanese on my headphones. It's amazing what you can accomplish with that time. I've done 60, 30 minute lessons in just about a month (sure wish Pimsleur made the series like this for Korean). Sure, some of you may think learning Japanese isn't very useful while living in Korea, but it's something unique and interesting to me - since, unlike Korean, I can actually pronounce it, and it's better than staring at commuters all that time.


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