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12 January 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Apple

Had this come out just a few days earlier, I may have held off on buying the laptop. This is just a really cool deal. You can also plug it into a PC monitor.
Who knows, at that price I still may consider getting one down the road. I've always missed the iBook I used to have.

Julie has wanted a Mac for ages but always considered them too expensive (especially in Korea), but maybe now she will get one...hehe, and I can use it when she's not here!

I do know I will be finally buying an iPod! I had been waiting for them to come out with one for around $100 and they have. I mean, being able to store 4000 songs would be nice, or 2000, but to be honest I only listen to around 100 songs on a regular basis and have no need for that much storage. This deal is perfect. Hope it arrives in Korea soon.

By the way, you can visit the apple store in Korea here: Apple Korea. They have a store in Technomart and in Yongsan. I believe they also have one somewhere in the labrynth of the massive Coex shopping center.


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