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12 December 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Bargain Shoppers

Well, it's back to the health club for me finally. There's a new gym in the next building over right above a Wonder Land, the infamous English institute franchise.

In Korea, you have to bring clean shoes to the health club, or a pair you no longer wear outside. One of the problems I have in Korea is shopping for shoes/sneakers though, and I had no sneakers. Apparently, in addition to big bodies, Americans have big feet too. My size in America is 10.5, which is about average for a man. In Korea, this size is huge and often they don't carry it.

I found these pretty nice sneakers at Save Zone down the street for 35,000 won, or about $32. In Korea, my shoe size is supposed to be 275 (milimeters), according to this conversion chart. But that's night right because 275 is much too small. 285 is right, in my case. It's hard to find anything above 280, though. Even 280 is not easy, but they had them in this style. Unfortunately, they were skinnier than I thought and just uncomfortable, so Julie and I returned them later.

On the way out the door at Save Zone, Julie spotted a special sale going on and, so, I got a couple of decent button up shirts for 5,000 won ($4.80) each.
They supposedly were 10xs that price at one time, according to the tags, but whatever. They're just for work anyway. No photo because Julie has them in the wash.

So, after searching high and low at all the stores around here for a basic pair of sneakers, I found this pair at Home Plus, still size 280, but they fit about right. They're pretty much the ugliest sneakers I've ever seen, but at 7,500 won ($7.) I guess I can live with them; they're just for the health club anyway.

While at Home Plus we noticed a sale they were having on kodungo (mackerel) fish. There was quite a line of eager women and Julie waited it out. Can't beat 580 won (55 cents) for a fish. We also got a little sushi for a bonus and a bottle of South African Chardonnay that was really good.

Tonight we picked up this toaster oven at Walmart for about 20,000 won, ($19). Julie starts her new job tomorrow. They provide dinner for free, but she was worried about what to eat before work since her last job provided lunch, so we got this. She loves toast and bagels.

I just love what it says on the box - Mom was right: Eating breakfast keeps your health. He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything.

While we were at Walmart we saw they were having a clearance sale on this chair: 15,000 won ($14). Now that really is a bargain, seeing as the second cheapest one they carry is small and 50,000 won.

Finally, no DVD collection is complete without Rambo First Blood, which they had for just 4,800 won, ($4.60).


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