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12 November 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Hot Roasted Squid

You know you've lived too long in Korea when...

You enjoy the fine taste of Hot Roasted Squid!

I really have become quite a dried squid connoisseur these days. This is one of my favorite kinds. It goes well with a bottle of ice cold beer.

You know you haven't lived in Korea long enough when...

You still think pastries stuffed with tomato, kiwi, pineapple and thick cream look very unappetizing. Julie ate that. Yuck!

The other item in the photo is a DVD rental from LG25, which is the most popular convenient mart in Korea (there's 6 within a 5 minute walking radius of our home). Some of them are carrying DVDs now. In Korea, you can rent a DVD for 2,000 won, about $1.80. We pretty much ran out of new ones to watch, so we picked up this copy of What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Remember that one? It has Johny Depp in it. His mother weighs 1000 pounds. His brother, Leonardo Deshouldbecapitated, in his greatest role, is mentally handicapped. It's a pretty decent movie, though awfully depressing.


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