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4 October 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Side Dishes!

You know those tasty side dishes you get in the restaurants here? The kinds you wish you could make yourself but can't? All the ones they don't seem to carry in any grocery store? Well, Julie and I discovered a side dish store nearby our home. It's been there for awhile but we never saw it until recently when returning a DVD rental to one of the LG25s. Needless to say were delighted. They have a massive selection of side dishes, and almost all of them are the ones we really enjoy. Finally, something to go with rice without having to labor over the stove.

Here's a sample of the delicious side dishes we bought tonight. Mmm...they all taste great. We got all of these, plus what we already snacked on earlier, for around 7,000 won (about $6.25). I love Korean food! You can store these in the fridge and have easy, nutritious meals all week long. Just cook up a quick batch of rice in you rice cooker and presto.


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