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3 October 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Goose Goose

Swiss James called up and ended up coming over to Songnae to meet Julie and I. We had sam gyeop sal marinated in wine sauce at a restaurant nearby then decided to visit the local foreigner bar, Goose Goose, which I had never been to. I had just assumed it would be nothing great, hence why I didn't bring my camera, but I was wrong. It's a very big bar, lots of Koreans and foreigners, great beer selection, great prices. After a few bottles of Sam Adams, we got the nerve up to play pool. It's a free table and the winners keep playing. James and I had a few spectacular shots, but we lost twice.

Afterward, at about 5AM, we had a craving for fried chicken. We were surprised to actually find a place still open, and the owner had studied English in America and we chatted for a bit. We took the fried chicken, which ended up being much too spicy, and ended up eating it back here just before the sun came up.

Here's James making himself comfortable on our spare "bed" after a long night of partying and losing at pool. He was distraught a bit that Julie and I would sleep upstairs. He's afraid of the dark, he confided.

James woke us up at 2:00PM banging around. I got up and made coffee and a couple of egg and cheese sandwiches; Julie slept until 3:30. Then we went shopping for a bit. Hopefully James will post some pics on his site of the few items he picked up: a portable DVD player from Walmart and a Giordana jacket from Hyundai Department store, as well as some teeth whitening strips, which I want to buy after James tests them out, from Homeplus.

We planned to get a few sub sandwiches at Subway, but ended up going to TGIFs instead. We were pretty disappointed with the service there. James' meal, chicken Alfredo, while good, came out a solid 10 minutes before the burgers that Julie and I ordered. Then, though she had ordered both well-done, mine was fine but Julie's was more like well-red. She had it sent back, and to my surprise, she didn't complain at all and we received no compensation for their crappy service. In the meantime we shared my burger. By the time hers came back out, we were full and now it's sitting in our fridge.

James just went home a while ago to meet his friend, Samantha, or Sam, as she is called. All in all we had a good weekend. John missed out, but he had a nice time of his own which I'm sure he'll write about.


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