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2 October 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Domino's Pizza

One of the only things I miss about Nowhere-dong is the pizza shop next to my old place. See somewhere in this post. They made a really great pizza for only 10,000 won. Julie and I have tried three or four places near our office-tel and they have all been terrible. The other day we tried Pizza Hut and though we had a good time and enjoyed the salad-bar, the pizza, while better than the local shops, was as you'd expect it to be: not that bad, not that good. The last two times I've had Pizza Hut pizza I've been pretty disappointed actually.

Tonight we found out there's a Domino's not too far away that delivers in our area. Here's what we got:

I was about ready to eat my backpack coming home from work today. While I was on the bus, Julie called me up and told me she ordered Domino's. It arrived shortly after I got home.

Here it is in all it's greasy glory. I love this pizza. I love pickles now and the hot sauce and especially the dipping sauce. Julie sometimes asks my why Americans and other western countries have so many fat people, and now she's starting to figure out why. What a concept. A slice of greasy, cheesy pizza with pepperoni dipped in garlic sauce. But it tastes so damn good. It cost us 16,000 won (around $14.50) and came with a 1.25 liter of Coke. That's pretty cheap considering there's no tax or tipping. I'm giving the prices for people back home who may be wondering.

I still have never had a pizza as good as I had in Ulsan. I never thought I'd come to Korea and find a truly great pizza, but there's an Italian restaurant down there that serves many different kinds of Italian pizzas. And they were cheap - around $10 each. Whenever we went we would get the mushroom pizza and also the bianco pizza which was topped with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, basil and Prosciutto ham with white sauce. They also served $5 pitchers of beer, which was nice. What could be better than delicious pizza and ice cold draft beer? Mmm...

After the pizza, Julie and I cuddled in front of the TV, watched a movie, and later we watched this spectacular sunset.


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