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21 October 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - I Can't Think of a Title

Coincidentally, the internet was down in our apartment yesterday, but supposedly for just a short time. When we still couldn't connect today, Julie called Megapass back and it turns out we didn't pay the bill. Though we signed up at a 10% discount for using direct payment. Somehow they weren't taking the payment. So they've been charging us full price and since they didn't get a payment they disconnected our service, without even a phone call! Julie was furious and the explanation she got was that they changed computer systems or some BS and no longer had her account info. Now she has to go to the bank, take out the money, then go over to the post office to pay the bill. So, I'm back here at the PC bang for a bit until tomorrow.

I'm going to have to start a separate page for my assistant, like I did for Windy with the The Windy Times. Today she said the oddest things to me.

"Shawn! (She always starts a conversation by exclaiming my name. I continually think she's about to spring some awful news on me.) I heard something yesterday from other [Korean] teachers. I heard foreigners like I-dae [Ehwa Women's University] girls!" (For the love of all that's good and holy, it can't be true!)

Her face a contorted expression of shock and surprise: "Is it true?" she asked, as if I were to reply "Yes, we do," her opinion of foreigners would be reduced to an all new low.

"Well," I said, pondering my response. "Doesn't every guy like young pretty girls? I'm sure Korean guys do too..."

"Oh my god! Those girls so bad, you know?"

"What do you mean?"

"They date doctor. Then if lawyer comes along, they leave doctor and dating lawyer."

(It wouldn't surprise me with all the westernization going on here.)

"Sure, some, I guess. They're not all like that."

"And you know what?" Cathy continued. "Some of those girls so bad. They live with the man in same apartment - and they not married!" She said it implying those girls are out of their minds.

"Are you serious?" I said, playing along. It was obvious she hadn't made the connection that Julie and I live together without being married, which she knows.

I shook my head in disbelief, pretending to be just as outraged. I wasn't about to carry on the discussion or try to change the way she feels. Such an attempt would be fruitless and futile.

After work, Julie and I ordered a box of chicken. While we were waiting, a salesman rapped on our door again. As soon as Julie answered, the man started his routine about water purifiers. I pulled her aside and said, "Julie, try to sell him one of my books as a joke!" The box was sitting nearby. She wouldn't do it, though she thought it would be pretty funny and got a kick out of watching me hold a copy and impersonate the salesman out of his view. By the way, Julie hasn't purchased a copy of my book yet either! What, does she expect a freebie too? What is it around here? I ain't no charity! (better clarify that's a joke, for my literal and sensitive readers. I'm sure I'll give her one eventually, as long as she pays a few bucks for my John Hancock).

This PC bang is driving me nuts. Every 15 minutes the screen goes blank and a PC bang advertisement video starts playing for a Korean computer game.

For most of my readers, this concludes the update. If you're one of those angry people who are just fed up, sick and tired of hearing me talk about my book on my own blog, then click away immediately! Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

I would like to say a special thank you to Dave Sperling from the famous ESL Cafe. After our last exchange on e-mail, in which he offered some marketing suggestions, Dave went ahead and took a banner ad for Island of Fantasy and put it on one of his pages. Truly a nice surprise. It's not very much of a thank you, but he will get a copy of the book in the mail this week from Lulu. (Yikes, maybe after he reads it, he'll remove the banner ad! Perhaps I'd better send a Harry Potter book with my cover pasted on top! Maybe stuff in a few random pages to make it more legit. I can see it now. One minute Harry Potter will be flying on a goblet of fire-or whatever it is he does-the next he'll be arguing with Brenda about his awful schedule at Wonder School! Dave'll never be the wiser!)

Well, I've had enough of this place. Seems when I update from the PC bang I end up writing more at least. This chair is much more comfortable than mine.


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