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24 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Songnae

Here are some photos of Songnae, where we live. I compressed the quality but left the sizes large. Click on the pics to see them in all their glory. Sorry dial-up users. If you can't see them all, try refreshing your browser a few times.

We almost moved into this office-tel, but we realized it would be pretty noisy next to the subway/bus/taxi station here.

Another shot in front of Songnae subway station. The public transportation system is utterly amazing. The trains come every 3-5 minutes and the busses literally come every 2 minutes. As soon as I jump off the train, I jump right on the bus.

Another shot. Notice the World Cup flower pots still around. There's the 7-1 bus that takes me to my place.

It was a nice day and the threatening clouds were all bark and no bite. Beautiful sky. Notice the omipresent apartment complexes that run into the distance.

This is Hyundai Department store (yes Hyundai, the car maker, also makes department stores here as well as apartment complexes, ships, heavy machinery, and on and on). I'm not sure if there are still departments stores in this style in America, but this building reminds me of one of the old Macy's in Albany, New York from when I was a kid. I like the style.

This is a strip of buildings next to our place. You can see on top of the one to the left the giant crabs and lobsters. Those belong to the restaurant that I posted about here. I'll just mention a few of the other businesses in this strip: a pool hall, several hagwons (private schools), a few banks, some small, specialty hospitals, several restaurants, a convenience store (of course), a huge Samsung Electronics store, a Health Club, and lots more...

One of the many food stands around the area. This one specializes in kyae ran bbang which is some kind of fried bread and egg. I've actually never had it for some reason, but it looks and smells pretty good.

This is the crosswalk on the main road in front of our place. Who says Asian men don't lose their hair...

This road is massive. There's Walmart Korea, and in the backround are three more brand new office-tel buildings. This area is sprouting these places like concrete weeds.

Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving, is next week. Walmart is stocked full of gift sets. Other bloggers have posted some pictures of some of the funny sets like Spam, but there are also very nice ones like these. There's a small store near our place that carries unique, traditional gifts.

Two halmoni (grandmothers) carrying Chuseok gift sets walk into the sunset.

At last, home. Here's another shot outside our window of the sun going down beyond the mountains.


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