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21 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - John's Update 2

Yeturday shawn and i went to visit his friend in Gwanghwamun. Its about 30 mins outside Seoul on the subway and is home to the Blue House the Korean White House. Its a very rich are carved into the side of a mountain. It'a very beautiful and everybody has a Lexus a BMW and a Mercedes. Its lots of very twisting and turning roads that carve their way in and out of beautiful abstract and modern homes that cost millions of dollars. there are also many budhist temples where you can stop for a break. At one temple we stopped and got some fresh spring water and observed a monk ring the enormous bell. The temple was small but beautiful and also had a garage with a hyundia in it? Guru, Shawn's British friend has 2 Daelim scooters that we zipped around on for hours in the mountains up and down hills some with an almost immpassible grade nearing 40 degrees. After our fun on the hills we headed back to Guru's house. His girlfriend served us salami, and olives anice imported treat that Guru had brought home on his last trip out of the country. We sat on his second floor patio and enjoyed the sun and spectacualr scenery of the mountains and shear rock peaks surrounding his beautiful home. It is so close to Seoul but so far from the city. It is truly a scerene and beautiful place. Worthy of retirement. Soon after we enjoyed some fresh Sangria and a pizza from Costco that was pretty darn good I might add for a frozen pizza. Pizza is really hit or miss here. Sometimes it has canned tuna and corn on it, other times its made with ketchup. Go figure. At about 9pm Shawn and i decide we should head back since its about an hour journey with all the connections. We got back to Yeokgok had a beer then shawn went on his way back home. Today i really didn't do much, i went into maximum oversleep last night and awoke at 2:30 this afternoon. I went to the pc bang, applied for some jobs, ate a pig on a stick, and met shawn for dinner and a beer. More kimbap and some kimchi stew. After we had a beer and i went home to study my korean a little more. I have an interview with a recruiter in Kangnam tommorow so we'll see what he may have for me. other than that i'm gonna have a little soju and call it a night.


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