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24 July 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Practice Rooms

I always wondered how bands could practice in this country as most homes are apartments and houses are very close to each other. Now I know. James found a place in Hongdae (click on the picture above to see the website). It makes sense as you often see guys walking around there carrying drum sticks and guitars and other gear. The rooms look great on the site. They come in A, B, C, and D, depending on the level of equipment you want to play with. The A room is 20,000 won ($18) for an hour and D is 12,000 won. We're going to get the C room at 15,000 which has everything we could want. All you need is your guitar or bass. James plays guitar and sings, I play rhythm and lead and another guy that's visiting from Japan where he teaches will be playing the drums. Julie's going to play the bass...heh, yeah right.

I'm not sure if they have these kind of places back in the states or other countries. I know in Syracuse where I'm from they have practice rooms but you have to bring all the equipment.

Since it's out first time together I'm envisioning two hours of ear splitting raucous noise. I'll bring my camera and have an update tomorrow.


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