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21 July 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Julie's Kindergarten

I should have brought my camera but I didn't think of it until it was already there.

I made a guest appearance at Julie's Kindergarten yesterday. Her boss wants to hire a foreigner to come in once a week and teach English (with Julie). I went once for a test run and it was a raving success. With a couple of exceptions the little runts were totally adorable.

Julie called me today and told me about little "Sarah" who is now in love with me. She ran upstairs early for class and almost broke into tears when Julie said I wasn't coming today. Julie had to send her outside to calm down.

Now there's only one problem: the boss. She wants a foreigner to bolster her school's image yet at the same time she doesn't want to spend the money. I ended up working the first day for free. In fact, the boss barely said two words to me and didn't even watch a class. I didn't mind so much because it was actually fun but I'm not about to do that every week.

The good thing is all the kids in the three classes really liked me. They kept shouting "Goodbye Shawn!" as I walked down the stairs (strategically by the boss's office). Now they're in the halls crying over my absence. Hey, wouldn't you? Julie's telling all the kids to tell their parents about the "wonderful foreign teacher"...heh. We'll see what happens.

Julie was really surprised. I usually tell people how I goof-off and read the newspaper when I'm supposed to be teaching. Though I sometimes do that, I'm not always such a slacker. When I actually teach in a proper setting I get into it and make the kids laugh a lot. I was running around like Jim Carry acting like a clown and teaching English. It's just when you have so many classes it's hard to maintain that energy.


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