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1 July 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Help!

This update will be short. Four thugs just sat down next to me, in the no smoking section and now they are chain smoking and singing cheesy Korean pop songs together and screaming at Warcraft.

I'm getting pretty down about my blog being blocked in Korea. Only people who live outside of Korea can leave comments. My hit count has dropped by 50 percent, though I'm not sure how many figured out to view this through a proxy site like unipeak. Still, there must be a lot of people that think I gave up my blog and/or that it's gone for good.

The worst part about all this is I did nothing wrong. I didn't post anything offensive, but because someone who did using Blogger, my site and every Blogger site is blocked now.

Though Korea is a democracy, it feels like I'm living in communist China suddenly. Does anybody know how or what I can do about this? I would also appreciate any of my Korean readers taking a moment to send e-mail or real mail to:

Director Jun Sung Mu

Cooperation Planning Division
Telecommunication Center Building.
Ministry of Information and Communication 11F~14F, 100 Sejongno,
Jongnogu, Seoul, South Korea Zip Code: 100-777




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