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20 July 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Free Printer!

We got our free Canon color printer today. It was one of the promo giveaways for signing up for a year with KT internet. The other choices were a computer desk, bicycle, webcam, and an iron - which Julie wanted to get until we saw one at Walmart for $6. We figured there was no way we'd find a printer for that much and we definitely needed one anyway. Here it is:

I checked and it sells around $100 or less on the net. A cheapy but not a bad deal for free seeing as we were told we can only get KT in this building anyway. I hope it can hadle the 200 page Geoje story draft as I want to read it over in phsyical copy form for a new perspective. Probably be able to pick up a lot more errors that way. Maybe I'll just change the font to an 8pt and use a magnifying glass....


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