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19 May 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - My New Fake Fender Stratocaster!

After looking at this website the other day I got excited. They have Fender Strats listed for 135,000 won. That's a price that can't be beat. I got my ass out of bed today and made the 90 minute trip to the Nakwon music center (again) where the shop is. To my surprise, the guitar is pretty damn good - especially for the money.

It came with every thing you see here: plug-in cable, computer input adapter, an extra set of strings and the carrying bag. 125,000 won. It's fake, of course, but better than I thought it would be. I've been playing it all night and it's stayed pretty much in tune. The only things (besides the price) that gives it away as an imitation is the lightness. Also it's hard to bend the strings over the high frets, but that may improve when the frets wear in. The guitar does feel pretty cheap, yet the pickups are good. I played it through a Marshal amp at the shop and it sound sharp and crisp. What a bargain. I'll see how it holds up. If for nothing else, it'll get me back into shape playing and hold me over until I get a real one, at which time I'll be sure to rave about how much better the real thing is.

I stopped short of buying a sound card as the ones there were a little pricey...almost 3xs the price of the guitar! I can play it through the sound card I have for now, though only with a clean sound. This weekend I'm going to an electronics/ music equipment show at Coex where I hope to pick up a nice little recording/ effects machine.

Here's a shot of the real Fender, same model that goes for around $800. Pretty good likeness. Click here!

I just noticed another giveaway that it's a fake. Notice the spelling of Stratocast


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