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11 May 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Freedom Fighters

I thought these drawings were pretty cool. Julie told me these are famous people who fought against the Japanese, though she was unsure of when or how or what or why. The display is located on a wall in Insa-dong near the music center. I had gone over thinking someone was doing portraits and to see how much for mine. Maybe I'll hang mine along side of some of these, I thought. I wonder if anyone would even notice. Some of these people don't even look Korean to me.

Like this guy. Is he really Korean? He looks like my friend Bill's uncle George. I can almost hear him saying, "Bill, you no good lazy sonofabitch, get the hell out of here and take your long hair'd guitar toting hippy friend with you!"

Here's a group shot. Is it me, or do those two guys on the left look eerily similar?

I just thought of something. Put a wizard's hat on this guy and presto! You have a perfect Gandalf the Gray! "One Ring to rule them all and in the darknes bind them and blah blah!"

One more example. Like I said, maybe I've been in Korea just a little too long, but I don't see anything Asian about these faces. This guy could be my high school History teacher, Mr. Zakowski, just as well as any Korean freedom fighter.

Disclaimer: While I'm making light of the drawings, the fact is these were real people, brave courageous people who battled a cruel and overwhelming enemy. And that of course is no laughing matter. Please, no hate mail.


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