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26 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Weekend Update

1. It was time to renew my visa, so I went to Fukuoka over the weekend. It was pretty much the exact same trip I took before except I met a friend there who used to teach here. He now teaches in Fukuoka. While he loves it there, he plans to return to Korea because Japan is just too expensive. We had a good time except he had no money and I ended up paying for dinner and beers. I didn't mind though as it was nice having someone to hang around with. He took me all over and I learned a lot about the teaching scene there. We also went to a really cool guitar shop where I spent 2 hours contemplating whether or not to buy this really nice Japanese Fender Strat. Unlike the Mexican and Chinese licensed Fenders, this one played and felt just like an American one and it was half the price. Still I wasn't sure I should shell out $550 on a guitar in Japan on a whim. Would hate to get it back here and find some problem with it. So basically I just played it for a few hours and frustrated the shop employees and my friend. Fortunately, unlike in Korea where the shopkeepers never stop bothering you for a second, in Japan, like in America, they leave you alone.

Because the rest of the trip was basically the same as before, I didn't bother to take many pictures and there's really not a lot to say. It was nice to get away from Korea, even though it was just for the weekend. I really like Fukuoka. It's clean and peaceful, cheaper and not as crowded as other Japanese cities. It was voted best city to live in Asia in 2000. If I were ever to teach in Japan, I'd likely start there.

2. I ate an entire large pizza last night. Then, so tired from my trip (about 4-5 hours sleep each night) I fell asleep at 8:30 and woke up today at 10:30AM.