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15 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Odd Couple

This poor dog lives behind my building. She's an extremely quiet dog and I never knew she was even there until a few months ago. I was outside, feeding the cats when I heard a scratching noise. I looked over and saw the dog's paw scratching under the wood. Over time she managed to push out two slats. Curious as to why she just didn't walk around the backside I decided to have a look. What I discovered broke my heart: her chain is about 2 feet long - so short that she was unable to even walk outside her dog house. Sometimes I really hate people. This was one of those times. Maybe, though...maybe she's only chained up here occasionally, I hoped. Since then I've kept my eye out. Sadly, she is chained up like this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The owner pops out once a day to dump food in her dish. That's it. No petting, no play time, no affection. I can't imagine how this dog must feel day in and day out fastened to a short chain, barely able to move, no reprieve, no love. The guy that owns her - what a thoughtless asshole.

As I was trying to entertain the dog, trying to make a little excitement in her tortured life, I noticed something there beside her.

What the hell is that? Apparently this dog is living with a chicken. How bizarre.

One of the cats walks by and they both turn to look. Weird. The poor dog lives with a chicken of all things. What is going on in my town?

There used to be a really cute dog that lived in this other dog house. A small dog with long ears, also attached to a short chain (from the blue hook to the dog bed) day in and day out eternally. Somehow though, now that the weather is warm enough, the dog managed to get free. How? - well I'll leave it to you to guess. All I'm going to say is that the dog that lives with the chicken would be free too if she didn't bark so loudly at the wrong time. She gets scared late in the night. Soon, though I'm guessing she'll be free.


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