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13 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - A New Poll (9)

There's a new and exciting poll to take. Here are the results of the previously exciting poll:

Where would you rather live?

Korea 68 (30%)
America 38 (17%)
Canada 19 (8%)
New Zealand 20 (9%)
Australia 16 (7%)
England 4 (1%)
Other European Country 17 (7%)
South East Asian Country 10 (4%)
the moon 11 (4%)
other - see comments 19 (8%)

Seems the majority of people would prefer to live here if they aren't already. America comes in a distant second and a close race between Canada and New Zealand and "other" for third. I found it a little disturbing that more people would rather live in Australia or the moon than England.


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