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30 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Fatcat Stops By

Fatcat, a cat who used to be fat but has since lost weight after the winter and needs a new name, was hanging around the other night near the front of the building. For fun, I picked him up and brought him inside.

After hiding under the bed and meowing for awhile, he finally comes out to have a look. Or maybe he was just more scared under bed. I haven't cleaned under it since I moved in 11 months ago. Who knows what's living there!

I was out of tuna, so I made up a bowl of hard dog food, some scambled eggs and french fries - what else could a cat want?

He didn't seem all that impressed at first , but later, after relaxing, hanging out on my lap, and getting brushed for half an hour, he ate quite a bit.

Out in the kitchen, he wants more attention but I've grown tired. As you can see, I'm wearing stylish boxers and ready for bed.

After checking out the Coca-Cola bottles, he notices a familiar sound from above.

Great. Attempting to check it out, he climbs all over my stove and frying pan. Damn, now I have to clean...well, maybe.

He can't comprehend the screen and keeps butting his head against it. It's a nice warm night and he's ready to go back out and chase some young fertile felines.

OK, Fatcat. Time to go. I opened the screen and he jumped out (and 7 mogies flew in). It was pretty funny though. Once outside he seemed confused, staring up at me and meowing. I went back outside to leave the bowl of food and he started rolling around. He's a good cat. I'm so worried to find him dead on the road someday.


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