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17 February 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Korean Style

At 1:30 the phone rings. It's my coworker. "Shawn, you have to teach first class. Where are you?"

"But my first class is at 2:30."

"No, you have class. First class on Tuesday."

"I'm looking at my schedule right now. It says 2:30."

"I think you make mistake."

"I'm looking right at my schedule. It clearly says 2:30."

"But you have class at 1:40 on Tuesday."

"Well somebody must have changed the schedule. I didn't know."

"Hurry, please."

"I can't come now. I'm busy."

"But you have a class."

"I'm sorry but I didn't know that. Next time tell me if the schedule changes. I'll teach the class tomorrow."

"I see, nae...."

This situation has happened to me many times since I came to Korea. The schedule changes, nobody tells me, then it's my fault I missed the class. Sure enough when I went in, I got the evil eye from the Korean teacher who had to cover it. Of course, nobody would think of blaming the boss for changing the schedule and not telling me. When in doubt, blame the foreigner!


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