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15 February 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Hodgepodge

Here are some of the pics I took on Friday night.

After an hour and a half on the bus and train, I finally arrive to Hongdae Station, 20 minutes late. Julie and her friend are waiting, but I take the time to snap this exciting shot.

Well, here's Julie. She's excited about a night of partying. Her friend, Unshil, is not pictured because I forgot to ask her permission. We hung out at US66 where I met Swiss James, Kevin, the infamous Tiger Beer on ESLcafe and his girlfriend.

After some rounds we finally headed out to Hodgepodge. Since it wasn't "clubday", we ended up staying here the rest of the night. It costs 10,000 won to get into a club on a regular weekend. Clubday, the last Friday of each month, you can get into all the clubs for a one time fee of 15,000 won.

You walk inside and there's a throng of Korean girls there dancing. It's a great place to meet one, I would guess.

Tiger Beer and his girlfriend. She's from the Philippines, but she emmigrated to the US. She's visiting from Las Vegas, where she works in a Casino.

Down on the floor some guy is shucking and jiving with some other foreigners. To the right, a guy with evil red eyes watches.

Well, maybe this guy's shuck isn't all that jive after all. The evil virus has passed to the guy on the left.

Julie looks bored here, but she spent a long time dancing with Unshil and Kevin's girlfriend.

As for me, I spent most of the night talking to Kevin. I hadn't socialized much in the past 6 months so it was nice to talk to foreigners for a change. I must have been drunk. What the hell am I doing drinking Bud Weiser?

Not a great shot of the DJ, but he did a pretty good job of keeping everyone happy. The place was packed well into the night.

The bartenders. I was surprised. These are the same ones that were working here ages ago when I came. (the link to the exact post is broken, just scroll down)

It was really dark in the club. Later in the night I just held up the camera and started snapping pictures. I got at least 10 of absolutely nothing. But eventually the system paid off. Some, like this one, came out pretty good.

And this one isn't bad either. Nobody should be disappointed I didn't show Korean girls dancing.

Click, flash again. I'm surprised nobody got angry. But it was almost 4 in the morning at this point so everyone was probably drunk anyway.

I know I was. I have no idea who this guy is. I vaguely remember meeting him, but that's about all. Why I have my arm around him and a crazy look on my face is beyond me. He looks a little skeptical, but at least he isn't angry.

Well, that's it. Having so many, I didn't spend a lot of time commenting on each picture. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed my night out in Hongdae.