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11 January 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Playstation Bang in Nowon

This is the best Playstation bang we've been to yet. It's in Nowon-dong nearby Julie's chib. I can't see how they can possibly make enough money to profit by charging only 2,000 won per hour. The place is very big and there are lots of brand new TVs including several expensive Flastscreen Plasmas. When we went, the place was empty - albeit it was early in the afternoon on a Sunday.

Here's the the clerk setting us set up to play our first game. We get this DVD bang size screen and section all to ourselves. That's the same speaker set I got for my computer at Technomart. Too bad I don't have the same TV.

OK, Julie. Get ready for an ass whooping. I really hate WWF wrestling, but the video games are pretty cool. Check this out. We're chicks in a Bra and Panties tournament. If you grab the players clothes and tap a button quickly you can rip off their shirts and shorts. Needless to say I became an expert at this move in less than 3 minutes.