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8 January 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Fusion Food

Fusion food is getting more and more popular in Korea. As the name implies, it's when they take Korean food and "fuse" it with another cultural food. Julie took me to her favorite eatery in Nowon near her home. Even though it was early in the afternoon the place was busy with lots of young people - mostly women in their early 20s. And what can be better than a place like that? Julie said that at night you have to wait for a table. While I've done a lot of fusion cooking of my own (kimchi hamburger, kimchi taco, kimchi omelet, kimchi spaghetti, kimchi filled donuts, etc.) I couldn't remember eating any at a restaurant. If I had, it was a long time ago. Well, that has now changed.

I was actually quite surprised. I didn't expect much. We ordered haemul bokumbap (fried rice/seafood) and kimchi and cheese bokumbap. Both were exceptionally delicious. While I prefer keeping the food genres separate, it was a refreshing change from the usual. Each dish was around 6,500 won and included free Pepsi and refills. As usual, Julie barely ate. I ended up eating about 75% of this. However, she ate all the pickles.


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