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17 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Plays and Musicals in Haehwa

Julie informed me that Haehwa is famous for its many theaters which feature a variety of plays and musicals. As we walked around many people handed us flyers depicting what was playing that night, a brief synopsis and show times.

Let's see what's playing here. Wow! Grease! I loved that musical as did most American people. It made John Travolta a mega-star. I wonder if here they sing all the songs in Korean? That I'd like to see. I thought the poster was pretty funny until I saw the one next to it. Vagina Monologues. Hmm, maybe I'll skip Grease and check this one out instead. It sounds pretty interesting. Down below there's a poster for Twelfth Night...definitely not going to that.

The other side of the display. Nothing special here. What's going on with this Tupac show? Is Tupac really here? Or is some Korean guy going to play him? Either way, forget it.

We didn't have time to catch a show but I'd like to go back there and see one someday. Anyone been there? Seen a show? What did you see and what was it like?


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