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16 December 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Nolboo Chib

Julie wanted to take me here: Nolboo Chib, a traditional style restaurant in Haehwa. She said it was delicious and cheap.

You sit on the floor without a table. Then suddenly a couple of traditionally dressed young guys come out with your table full of food.

Wow! Look at all of this wonderful food! I almost peed my pants. I want to eat all of this again right now. If any girl out there can cook all of these, I will marry you instantly.

I thought I'd throw in this picture of a regular modern family enjoying their traditional dinner.

The meal really was delicious. However, it wasn't cheap. Julie had been here before but she didn't pay so she really didn't know. It cost 25,000 won for the two of us. While I really enjoyed the meal, I ate almost everything, I wouldn't pay that much again when I can get eat almost as well for half the price at most local places. Still, it was worth it this one time to taste some of the unusual side dishes and to learn about how people used to dine out in Korea. I feel sorry for those previous ajummas that had to make all that food day in and day out.


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