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24 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - It's the Check Out My Ass Restaurant and a KFC History Lesson

On this restaurant sign I see Korean men in their underwear. Look closey at those guys - they're pulling down their tighty whiteys. How appetizing. Also, the girl in the back seems a little too happy about that one guy's ass. Does it smell like kalbi tang? And who's the guy on the right next to the Chinese characters? Is that Bruce Lee?

I guess I'll head over to Kentucky Fried Chicken. In case you don't know it, and many Koreans don't, they shortened the original name Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC to eliminate the word "fried" from people's minds. KFC, along with Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, used to be owned by Pepsi Co. until it sold its holdings to Yum! Brands who also owns Long John Silvers (fast and greasy fish/fries) and A&W (old style hamburger restaurant). These are the few fast food places where you can still order Pepsi (except for KFC who later reverted to Coke, at least in Korea).

The enduring Colonel Sanders stands outside greeting Koreans in Sadang, Seoul. I think it's time for a new tie, Colonel.


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