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10 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - I'm Angry!

I heard someone yelling outside my window tonight. My idiot neighbor was outside, smoking a cigarette, holding a bottle of beer, and obviously angry. What could he be doing? Well, guess! He was chasing away the kitten that sleeps everyday/night under our building. How could he be that angry at a kitten? And what the hell could he be yelling? "How dare you helpless kitten sleep under my home? I will make sure you suffer even more than you do now!" He even took the full cat food dish I use to feed the strays with and dumped it out. I really got pissed off at that. I came close to going outside. At times like this I hate being a foreigner. If I were to start a fight, I'd risk losing everything, probably end up in jail and then deported. I really wanted to kill that guy. The poor kitten ran away through the snow and into some cold bushes. It's utterly freezing outside here. Well, I didn't start a fight but as soon as my drunk neighbor retired, I went right outside, picked up the dish and filled it with more tuna. If he does it again, I'll find a way to get even...trust me.


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