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23 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Sadang, Seoul at Night

Here's a few random shots from my evening in Sadang this Saturday.

Sadang looks a little like every other downtown-ish area, except it's smaller and there's no fast food burger joint, which is nice. There's a Dunkin Donuts however. We stopped there and picked up a couple of donuts and a coffee.

The other side of the street. Yeah there's nothing unique, but it's the nightlife and I still like it. A lot of bars and bangs.

After you get tanked on soju, you can easily take your drunk loved one to one of the many, conveniently located motels. These places make a fortune in Korea. The owners almost always have an Equus or other luxury car parked nearby. What an easy life - hang out and collect money from horny drunk people and have an ajumma clean the rooms. My ideal job! Some of the seedier ones have been known to place secret cameras behind the mirrors...I've seen the videos off Kazaa. (One of my friends, the sick barbarian! - he downloaded them onto my computer and I just happened to find them one day, horrified of course!)

Here's dinner: garbi tang. Just looking ate this picture makes me want to eat it again. It tastes delicious. That chongak kimchi was excellent. I also at a lot of those small anchovies. Mmm.

Look behind the crane game. What? - does every area of Seoul have one of these insult shouting gorilla punching games? I wonder who the person that decided on the design is. "Hmm, let's see. I'll make a punching game in the shape of a gorilla, yeah! And...well, it should have blue sunglasses, of course, and a matching vest to boot. Am I genius or not?" Ironically one of the insults the gorilla shouts is, "Hey, you're ugly!" Yeah, you're not looking so good yourself, Monkey Jackson.

The crane game had some unique prizes. There's a couple of jars of honey in there. Everything looked too heavy for the small crane so I didn't even bother to waste my money.

I got a few other pictures, but I'll save them for future posts. It sure is nice having this new computer at home. It makes it much easier to update. Come back again soon.


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