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21 November 2003
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Korea Life Blog - New Computer

This is my first post with my new laptop and ADSL connection. The computer works great and the internet connection is lightning fast. I bought the computer at Note World, a small notebook computer shop in Technomart. It's a Presario 2510AP, Pentium 4 2.0 GhZ, 40 GB, 512 MB RAM, 15" SXGA screen, combo drive, 64 MB video Ram, English XP and Office. The guys there are really friendly and helpful. Don't forget to negotiate the price; they came down 50,000 and upgraded the memory from 256 to 512. It came with a free bag, mouse, and screen cleaner as well. They were supposed to give me anti-virus software, but they forgot. I'll have to stop back to get it.

Here it is. I got the 2000 Watt speaker set-up for only 40,000 Won, also at Technomart. The bass is thumping and the sound is bright and clear.

I like the new Compaq design. It resembles many of the Centrino models that I liked. The high resolution is crisp and clear. Pictures look much sharper and brighter. I love it. Check out my cool desktop picture, one I took at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Gwanghwamun.


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