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2 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Kim Jong Il Comic Book

Anyone know where I can get a copy of this book in the Korean version? I read that it was pulled off shelves here at the start of the Sunshine Policy (though I'm not clear on whether this was translated or the Japanese version). I bet it would be a great collector's item.

I read about the book before, then I saw it Japan at the airport bookstore this weekend. Of course I could never read it in Japanese, so I didn't buy it. It looked pretty interesting, thumbing through it. There's a lot of drawings of him getting angry and murdering people and a load of scenes of him and various women in bed.

I'll check Amazon, but I don't think they made an English version...yet.

Here's the brief description of the book which got me interested:

"A comic book on North Korea, written by Mr. Lee, a renowned South Korean comic author, was published in Japan and is selling well among the Japanese people. The book was banned in South Korea.

The comic book depicts a variety of aspects of North Korea including the abduction of Japanese civilians by North Korean spies, nuclear weapon development and the private life of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il which is top secret in North Korea.

Particularly in the story of Kim Jong Il's private life, the comic book tells vividly how the North Korean dictator approached female dancers, singers and nurses in an attempt to seduce them. The name of each woman in the story was identified.

The comic book was originally published in 1998 in South Korea, however, immediately after, it was banned due to the 'sun shine policy' of Kim Dae Jung, the then South Korean President, toward North Korea.

The comic book is titled in Japanese, 'Introduction to Kim Jong Il,' and was published in Japan in July. The book has been selling very well."

By the way, when I was searching Amazon.com I came across this book:

Yes, it's by the leader of North Korea and it's his views on Opera and "Independence, peace, art, literature and friendship..."


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