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17 November 2003
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Korea Life Blog

I've been a little busy but I'll update again soon. I got a computer finally and hopefully will be hooked up to the internet this week. I got a great deal on a laptop at Technomart. Last night I transferred off the pictures from my camera so I can take new ones again finally. The bad news is on the way back from Seoul this weekend I left my backpack on the bus. Fortunately it was the first time I didn't have my camera in the bag. However, I lost my Korea notebook in which I had penned another 50 or so pages on the Geoje-do story by hand and my other notebook with several long stories I wrote about living in the states. That really was depressing. I realized it immediately and we contacted the bus station several times but the bag wasn't turned in. At least I have the computer now and will be able to write more quickly, but I was really excited to rewrite what I had from my notebook. Oh well...that's life. I'll take a picture of the computer and write about it soon.


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