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8 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Red Peppers (1)

They're red peppers and they're everywhere. You see them drying on the floor in the grocery store, in livingrooms, on rooftops, outside in someone's yard, and right on the streets. The ajumma at the small store near my home dries them on the floor. In order to get to the Ramyon you have to walk over the peppers. The ajushi at the stationery store dries his on the dirt next to his shop.

Here's a great example sent in by a reader of a bunch of red peppers drying on the sidewalk. Anybody and their dog may have walked on them. I know I've been tempted to stomp on them myself. Just another reason to wash your vegetables when you buy them.

Suddenly you find yourself in the Land of OW! Talk to the Mini-Pepper People and then follow the Red Pepper Brick Road. Then find the Wizard of OW! - he can give you the magical liquid able to quench the fire in your burning mouth.


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