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15 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Obvious Imitations (1)

When I first came to Korea, I was very naive. I had little knowledge about fake brand name items. When I saw a pair of "Timberland" shoes in a shop for 20,000 won, I thought, wow! What a great deal. I bought them and the first time they got wet, they turned yellowish orange. I also had purchased a "Levis" belt for 5,000 won that broke a week later. While not as rampant as in countries like China, Thailand, and the Philippines, imitation brand name goods are still available here by-and-large. Some items are so well crafted that you'd never know the difference. Others are really obvious, even intentionally so. Take a look at this nicely put together collection of "Puma" T-shirts sent in my one of my readers:

I just love these. I'd like to get that Tuna shirt with the ? symbol as the trademark. Most of these are obvious copies done so intentionally, but I'm not so sure about Fuma. I bet someone just made an error when making that one.


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