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25 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - At the Store (1)

After posting the grocery ad, I got the idea to take my camera to the store when I go. This time I got off a measly five shots before running out of room on the memory card once again. That's becoming very annoying. I'm running out of old pictures that I feel OK about deleting. Pretty soon I'll be back to stealing pics off the internet or begging readers for more send-ins. In the meantime, enjoy this first post in the exciting new series: At the Store.

Well, if you didn't believe me before, here it is: SPAM. A whole heap of it too - with quite a lot already sold. The cans go 3 for 8,800 won. That's about $7.50...comparable to back home? I have no idea. I've never actually tried this stuff. There's something about meat packed in a can that's a turn off. However, I used to love Dinty Moore Beef Stew in can. Now where can I get some of that? I think I've seen it in Seoul before, but I can't remember.

Here's Tony the Tiger and his frosted corn flakes on sale in Nowhere-dong Korea. I just noticed that the Korean name is not Corn Flakes, it Corn Frost. Huk!

In the back of the store are several more American cereals. There's a few kinds here I've never seen before. Now that I've become like a Korean ajushi and eat rice and kimchi for breakfast, I don't buy cereals. Chocolate Chex looks pretty good, although I'd prefer to see the original kind. One cereal I just thought about and really would like to eat again is Cinnamon Life. That kid Mikey liked it and so do I.

Not the best picture, but here it is nonetheless. No. 1 Spirits in the World: Soju! And now available in lunchbox packable container! The only thing that's missing is the plastic straw to go with it. I often wonder who buys soju in a box. I've never actually seen anyone drinking from one. I placed it tantalizingly in front of the glass bottles and stood around for awhile ready to sneak a photo from the shadows of an unsuspecting alcoholic. But while bottle after bottle flew off the shelf, unfortunately nobody took the box. Dang!

Also flying off the shelves is Cass beer in a can. The Hite, while tasting pretty similar, just can't keep up. Usually cans are sold individually in this manner and they're not cheap. One small can like this is 1,800 Won, or about $1.50. However, you can get a slight discount if you can find a six pack.

Well that's it for now. I'll get more pics for this series sooner or later. Stay tuned...


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