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28 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Sticker Picture

I remember the first time I saw a sticker picture, a long time ago. I had come home from my job in New York and checked my mail and had somehow received a letter from a girl in the Philippines whom I did not know. I'm not exactly sure how she got my name and address but it was plain that was all she knew about me. Despite that, she described her deep love for me and that she would make me a wonderful wife. All I had to do, she said, was fly to the Philippines and marry her and then take her back to the US. Although she loved only me and would never want to hurt me, if I didn't feel the same way about her she requested I kindly pass on the letter to someone who might mend her broken heart. Attached to the bottom of the letter were several sticker pictures of her sad, yearning face. I kept the letter for awhile and showed my friends. Nobody, of course, was interested, so I crossed off my name and slid the letter under the door of some lonely older guy that lived down the hall. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but I never saw that guy again.

An inviting display of sticker pictures. You go into one of the various booths and put 3,000 thousand Won in the machine, select from various backgrounds and sizes, and then snap, snap, snap. You pick the ones you want to print and presto...your mug is printed out as stickers. When I first came to Korea I used to get these and stick them on my letter paper letters to home, back when I actually wrote people.

A woman checks out her new sticker pictures. These places are very common and they do a good business - look how busy it is here.

Anybody have any good ideas as to what you would do with sticker pictures of yourself? For example, sticking them in women's restrooms with your number written above them?


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