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9 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - In My Apartment

After taking a few shots of Plantman and Plantwoman, I took a couple more pics around the pad.

I have no place to put my clothes other than a tiny cabinet, so they are perpetually hanging on this rack/makeshift dresser. They hardly ever dry anyway as it's been rainy and humid for ages. Notice all my professional attire. You can never overdress as an ESL teacher in Korea. How about those cool socks? Believe it or not, down the street from my home, there's a guy who sells socks out of the back of his truck all day long (gotta get a picture of that for you). One pair costs 1,000 won, or about 80 cents.

Here's my desk. Aha! There's the proof. I really do keep toilet paper on my desk now! There's also where I keep my deoderant, of course, and my bottle of mosquito itch reliever. Someday I have a dream that a new computer will sit there. (total donations to date: 60 cents, thanks Carmen!)

Notice how creative I am - with only a lone picture of some cows on my wall, I hung up some small windchimes I bought in the Philippines on the heat and hot water controls...sometimes I point my fan straight at them, sit back and relax, and enjoy for hours the peaceful, rhythmitic tones...(while day dreaming of a better day, a better life, more money and a "movie star aura" that should be a little better than this).


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