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7 September 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - At the Hagwon (2)

This week I taught the kids sports names. (My job is really easy because I only teach each class one time in a week. Therefore, I only have to make-up one lesson for the whole week.) After writing the words on the board and enacting the sports and having the kids repeat, I have the kids do a word search to get them more familiar with the spellings (not so that I can sit down and read the newspaper and write in my journal or walk around tickling the kids...)Then I have them fold their papers into squares and write a sports name in each square, then they spend the rest of class drawing. This kills the time while keeping the little monsters quiet enough for me to do whatever, and I just love the little pictures they draw.

A typical example. I dig the basketball drawing, expecially the expression on the shooters face, and also the spectators faces. The boxing one is pretty good too. I don't think Korean kids know what real wrestling is. They always draw WWF. It's extremely popular here, unfortuantely. (How many times do I have to be called Shawn Michael?)

Not the best artist, but cute nonetheless. This kid finished too fast so I had him color. He finished coloring too fast so I had him write the sports names 3xs in his notebook. He finished that too fast so I had him clean the room and erase the board. After that I made him do pushups. You'd think after this routine, he'd learn to slow down in the future, but of course not- there's one like him is every class, inevetibly.


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