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10 September 2003
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Korea Life Blog - A 6-Pack of OB

It's hard to find a good old-fashion 6-pack of beer in Korea. Almost always bottles and cans are sold individually. A regular can of beer costs about 1,500 Won in the store, or about $1.30. That's not cheap, and the beer is crappy American style - like Budweiser. I really don't know why people buy cans at that price. The large bottles of beer, close to an American 40 ouncer in size, are only about 1,800 Won. Anyway I was surprised to see the store near my home is now carrying six-packs.

Here it is, a 6-pack of Korean made OB. I thought it might be cheap, but it cost me a whopping 7,800 Won, just about $6.50! What a ripoff! Oh well, it's been a long time since I had a 6-pack.

The packaging is nice. The cardboard angles to keep the cans intact and works quite well. I can't stand the plastic thing on US 6-packs - you have to tug and jerk the cans out from it, sometimes causing a few to fall on the floor. If you don't know what packaging I mean, look here: 6-pack pic with plastic thingy.

This peculiar slogan appears on each can: "Timeless enduring heritage, craftsmanship, and new rice addition delivers refreshing smoothness and clean aftertaste, making OB the most drinkable beer."

Leave it to the asians to put rice in their beer, I thought, half expecting to see real rice in it as in some sweet drinks they sell here. There wasn't any, of course. They must use it like they do in making rice wines, I supposed. Still curious, I did a little research and, wow! - check out this article: Beer Adjuncts
That's right, rice is used in making most American light colored beers including Budweiser. Another, day, another amazing discovery brought to you by Korea Life Blog.


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