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25 August 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Miss Korea

Once again I am unable to upload pics at this PC bang, but never fear. You can enjoy this collection of Miss Korea contestants from 2003. You get to see a rather boring picture of each one, but also a rather inspiring one too...

By the way, the winner was:

39. Yoon-young Choi
Miss Seoul
Birth : Dec.21.'83 / Height : 172cm

And now for an inspired, exciting, dubious, yet somehow tender and special ode to Miss Korea 2003, by Korea Life Blog Guy:

Oh, Miss Korea, 2003
If by chance you date with me
You can buy me Bulgogi, Bek Se Ju, and Poki Kimchi
And with your winnings we can pay the rent
On our very own high rise apartment!
A glorious life without any care
No more damn crane game jerk of despair
And there won't be another couple like us
When we drive around in our brand new Equus!
And with the connections you surely now know
No doubt they will publish A Foreigner in Geoje-do
Then I'll be rich and famous, and more...
And surely have Miss Korea, 2004


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