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22 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Let's Punch and Kick

A popular past time in Korea is kicking and punching games. No matter where you go, big city or small country town, you will come across these games. You compete with your buddies to see who can punch and kick the hardest, usually when your drunk. The only prize: high score and the respect of your peers. You've spent a lot of time at the gym, now it's time to put that effort to a useful means.

Check it out. It's Girl Fighter Upper Cut!. For a measly 500 won, or about 40 cents, you can fantasize about slugging your sister, your wife, your mother in law, or that girl who broke up with you because she wanted to explore her options. Hee ya! 1000000 points!

The name of this game is Vie Zzang. What the hell that means exactly is anybody's guess. Apparently two people punch at the same time and compare scores. What a great concept -male machoism at it's finest.

Phew, after all that punching your foot gets jealous. Time to kick. Yee haw! You're so cool! In your mind you are the greatest soccer player that ever lived! It's the World Cup. You kick! You score. America wins! (Later, when the alcohol wears off, you wake up in the hospital with shattered dreams and a broken foot.)


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