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17 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Crane Game (2)

I was walking around Suwon and, with nothing better to do, decided to try out another crane game...let's see how I made out:

Here's the machine. It looks pretty old. There's a lot of marks on the front - undoubtedly the result of pissed off people kicking it in anger. But perhaps those people were empty headed children, drunken college kids, Russian prostitutes, or maniacal imbeciles. I swell with confidence. I can do this, I think. And, since it's an unusually high 500 Won for 3 tries, I decide there might be a chance.

There are the prizes, tantalizingly spread out, looking rather easy to grab. I eagerly fish around in my pocket for some change and insert 500 won. I move the crane out to the middle. It drops and clenches a little cutesy wootsy stuffed dog. The excitement builds, my heart starts to race. The toy is mine, I cry. All mine! Then alas, with a hard jerk, the crane changes direction, dropping my would-be toy out just before it reaches the hole! - yes, it's another machine rigged with the Crane Game Jerk of Despair. After three tries I give up and run away, shamed and humiliated once again.


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