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27 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Apartment Madness

With so many people and not enough land, the only solution is high hise apartment buildings. They're tall, they're plain, they block all the scenery, they're everywhere. I have for you here now a stunning collection of modern Korean living taken from a new resedential area somewhere in Suwon.

Hundreds of apartments loom into the distance. Looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Run! Highrise apartments are invading!

Modern day Korea: a clean, safe street, new buildings, giant apartments in the distance.

For a mere $200,000-$300,000 dollars you can move here. Imagine saving your entire life to buy one of these apartments. It boggles my mind considering what that money could buy you in Western countries. The good side is the value of apartments skyrocket here, meaning you can get rich easy if you have money to purchase a unit and sell it even just a few years later. The rich keep getting richer in life.

(oops, picture deleted)
A Pizza Hut, a hospital, and SK high rise apartments. SK, one of the Korean major monoplistic conglemerates controls most of the telecommunications market. In the states it would be like moving into Verizon Apartments. All of the big names here make apartments, including Samsung and Hyundai. As if they don't make enough money otherwise. Can you imagine moving into Microsoft Apartments?

It's been a busy day. Sit down and relax. Enjoy a cold drink and the excellent view.

A massive complex. Can't they come up with some different designs? They all look exactly the same!

Here is a new elementary school. Why can't they make apartments look like this?

I hope you enjoyed this collection. Have a nice day.


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